Benefit from a translation team with wide experience and varied academic backgrounds.

When conveying technical accuracy and a clear message is essential to your business.


Mining – Energy & Environment

Since 2000 specializing in the Mining industry and the Environment

Courses attended (School of Geology)

• Mining and Enviroment

• Prospecting and Exploration

• Mineral Processing

• Economic Geology

Law and Minining

EHS in OP and UG

Medical Geology

Documents translated

• Social and environment reports
• Drill & Blast specifications
• Exploration reports
• Operation manuals
• Marketing brochures
• Mine planning software

• UG ventilation software
• Surveying reports
• Safety devices
• UG refuge systems
• Collision avoidance systems
• EIA, ESIA Surveys

• Sustainable Energy PR
• Water access & communities
• Power Generation
• Litigation (Mining – Oil & Gas)
• Environmental Audits
• ADR Surveys

• ESIA /Feasibility Studies Mining
• Ground Vibration Analysis
• Crisis Response Systems
• Diesel Particulate Analysis
• Community Baseline
• HSE Audits


Social Responsibility & Education

Post-graduate Diploma in Teaching

Courses attended (School of Education Sciences)

• History of education

• Education and Sociology

Translation teaching

Teaching Techniques

Philosophy  of Education


Documents translated

• UNDP Agencies
• Millennium Development Goals
• World Bank & IDB White Papers

• Community Relationship Strategies
• Marginalized Minorities Resources
• Empowerment & Access to Justice

• HIV and the Law (regional reports)
• Teaching Maths and Development
• Rights and Resources Initiative

• Benefit Sharing  (reports)
• Economics on Education (WB WP)
• Democratic Governance (IDB)


Corporate & Legal docs

Master degree in Translation – Law oriented.
       Members of the Sworn –Certified Translators Association of Buenos Aires

Documents translated

• Articles of incorporations
• Distribution agreements
• Stock purchase agreements

• M&A due diligences
• License agreements
• Termination agreements
• Know-how & technology transfer agreements

• Know-how & technology transfer agreements
• Bidding terms and conditions
• Intercompany pricing policies

• Joint venture agreements
• Financed Participation agreement
• Law and mining

Customers Referrals
  • Susan Wick
    CEO – Mintec
    "Her translation work from English to Spanish and Portuguese is impeccable. Our needs included both general and highly technical documents, which were related to software development and services for the mining industry, and she excelled in both areas. Nora is a very punctual and personable individual which made it very easy for our teams to work with her."

Articles of incorporations
Commercial agreements
M&A due diligences
Bidding docs


Quality management
Industrial processing
Safety procedures
Operation manuals
Technical offers


Product presentations
Corporate brochures