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Trix Translations helps communications within the Mining World

The Specialization in Mining Geology Programme (430 hs training – UBA – School of Geology) is one of the many courses attended to understand the business of our customers as insiders.

From exploration to mine closure, we provide expert translation and interpretation services for world-class mining organizations and mining industry suppliers.
The ICMM’s Global Standard on Tailings Management and World Bank’s IFC Unlocking Opportunities for Women and Business, A Toolkit of Actions and Strategies for Oil, Gas, and Mining Companies are just two examples of the organizations that trust in our services.
Trix Translations conveys your message for engaging communications during your meetings, site visits and seminars/webinars. Our interpretation services (i.e. verbal translations) for English, Portuguese, Spanish and French have been helping the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals and Metals and Sustainable Development (the IGF) in more than 50 remote and in person webinars and trainings.

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Remote intrepretation

On site interpretation

Interpretation in person

Translation and Interpretation in or any language combinations.

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Prospecting and exploration, feasibility studies, geomodeling, mine planning software, mine safety/quality management, fleet control, ventilation systems, ore processing machinery.


ESIA, environmental audits, environmental litigation. Critical raw minerals – Mining 4.0 – Sustainable energy. Baseline  reports. Deep sea mining


Community engagement, Inclusion, Diversity. Women in Mining. Resource Taxation.

The peace of mind of knowing your translator understands your business as insider, from grab sampling to ESG and mine closure.

Customers trusting in our services